Thursday, November 15, 2007


More today on the social regression that is Islam. There is a rise in a procedure known as "virginity replacement". From the wires;

"Dr Magdy Hend, consultant gynaecologist at the Regency Clinic, Harley Street, London, who started hymen reconstruction more than 18 years ago in the Middle East and the Gulf, said: "In some cultures they like to see that the women will bleed on the wedding night. If the wife or bride is not a virgin, it is a big shame on the family."

As Muslim women trend towards more sexual activity before marriage, this procedure trends along with it, as men expect their wives to be virgins. Now they are promoting and in some cases insisting on this operation. Leaving the issue of what truly constitutes a virgin aside, this is simply another example of women being nothing more than pieces of flesh. Not every woman having this procedure is attached to Islam, but a great many are, and it is all about again the right outward appearance, regardless of the heart.

Author Isabelle Levy had this to say; "fundamentalism is spreading and these girls are getting sent back to their countries of origin to marry. And they will be rejected if it is found out that they are not virgins."

Women in Islam are expected to not make mistakes, they are expected to follow the letter of the law without fault. They are held to an incredibly high and unfair standard. If only the men were held to the same standard! But this is also why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so appealing, as He meets the true standard from the real God, which is perfection! Islam attempts to get there, or at least it tries to force their women to get there, and it is always failure, one after another. But Jesus Christ attains that standard of perfection and the good news is that the Father applies that to all that receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Becoming a new virgin again is one thing, but becoming a new creation in Christ is where true joy is and always will be!

blog you later,
pastor tom