Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Anthony Watts is a veteran meterologist who is concerned with Global Warming. He differs from others who are concerned, like Al Gore and his followers. Watts concern lies in the way Gore and his band receive the information that fuels their agenda. If you listen to the Gories (is that a word?) you will find yourself in need of green everything, from the house you live in to the amount of toilet paper used, green is the issue. Which is, because we are told, man is setting this planet on fire. Evil man and his evil ways are ruining planet earth, and it is the polar bears and ice glaciers who are suffering the most. While it makes for compelling speeches and can even garner you a Nobel Peace Prize, the question in people like Watts mind is, reliability of data!

Watts took a look at how surface temperatures were recorded and found that there was little if any scientific protocol followed. He was so shocked that he set out to visit all 1221 temperature stations, a feat he is one third of the way through. These stations are the ones that record data on surface temperature, and their data is the foundation and cornerstone for the man made global warming propaganda forces. His findings are troubling to say the least, from the wires;

"What he found were temperature stations with sensors on the roofs of buildings, near air-conditioning exhaust vents, in parking lots near hot automobiles, barbecues, chimneys and on pavement and concrete surfaces – all of which would lead to higher temperature recordings than properly established conditions.
The vast majority of the stations surveyed to date fail to meet the prescribed standards. Using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 reflecting proper maintenance and standards and 5 representing facilities that are severely compromised, Watts says 70 percent of those stations surveyed received a 4 or 5 rating, while only 4 percent received a grade of 1.
All of the most egregious violations he has observed in the study would result in artificially higher temperatures being recorded."

Again and again we hear from scientists from all walks of life telling us that there is not a man made global warming problem. It is junk science that is believed by only the kool aid drinking left that can see nothing but their own pockets being lined with tax payers money. The most prominent proponents will call for lifestyle sacrifices that they are unwiling to make. These decrees are often given from the largest of houses, or newest of private planes. The hypocrisy is laughable, the science is absent, the critics are many and credible, yet the man made global warming beat goes on. At least until it becomes more fashionable and profitable to announce the world is going to freeze, which has not happened since about 1972!

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pastor tom