Thursday, November 29, 2007


Manishkumar M. Patel, 34 is a married man who has a girlfriend. In fact he has a baby with this girl even though he is married. Actually he could have three babies with her but she has miscarried twice. While I will leave the obvious heinous sin of adultery on the sidelines for this blog, I do want to talk about life. As Mr. Patel did something that I thought was only seen in the old black and white movies. While with his girlfriend recently he slipped her a "Mickey". Now it was not the actual ingredients of a real "Mickey, it was one in that he put something in his girlfriends drink. In the old movies people would do this to have someone pass out so they could take advantage of them or the situation. In this case Patel put his foreign substance to kill a baby!

Mifespristone, the abortion bill better known as, RU486 was placed by Patel in his girlfriends drink. She was suspicious and went and had lab work done to find out that sure enough, he did that to her. The police are saying that he could be charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, burglary, stalking and violating a restraining order. The interesting part of the possible charges is the "homicide of an unborn child" portion. Here again we see the incredible double standard in that anyone outside of a doctor that does anything intentional that kills the baby in the womb, are charged with murder. Now you can make the point that Patel did this without consent of the mom and thus it is different. Still the contrast stands, as Doctors can murder babies in the womb if asked, and occasionally when not asked. Lay people cannot, as if they do it, it constitutes murder.

The reality is that it is a baby in the womb. We are far beyond the blob, or thing, or it, or any other ridiculous rationalization people use to kill babies. Technology has shown and displayed what Gods Word has said forever, that it is a baby in the womb, a real true life. Where we need to get to is the place where all murder by all people of babies in the womb is murder. Abortion should be a crime because it is murder, period! Mr. Patel should be tried and if he did what he is being accused of he should be given the sentence that murderers receive. The same holds true for Doctors. All Doctors who perform abortions should be tried for murder, without distinction, because it is murder, period!

Distinctions, exceptions, phony compassion, should all be put aside and things should be called as they truly are. Murder is murder regardless of the age, race, or place of residence of the person. Because a person resides in a womb should not mean that someone with a medical degree and a stethoscope is allowed to murder that person, regardless if they are asked to or not. Let us all pray and work (in that order) to see that abortion becomes what it is, a heinous crime deserving the highest level of punishment the law would allow.

blog you later,
pastor tom