Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Technology is an amazing thing. I am in Jamaica writihg my blog on my phone. Contrast that with a couple I met today. I was out going door to door in a village town inviting people to tonight's church service. I spotted an old run down,frankly scary, house. It looked like a typical horror movie house. I walked up to the door and an old man about 80 came to the door. I invited him to church and he told me he was blind and his wife was crippled. They did not leave their homes. But then he told me they were followers of Christ,at which time I noticed Scripture verses on the walls.

The man went into the back room leaving me on the porch. In a moment he reappeared and invited me in to visit with his wife. I walked through the run down house and into the bedroom to be greeted by an old frail women of 80.

She was thrilled by my visit and asked me to sit down in a chair by the bed. I sat and the three of us talked about the Lord and His goodness. One thing she said struck me. She said that she envied people who could still read Gods Word.She too was too blind to see,but she loved the Word of God and longed to read it again. We talked of the new body that awaited her in glory with the Lord. She can hardly wait to meet her Jesus.

I left that home thinking of God's sovereignty. How He had set this divine appointment up for me. And I also am reminded of the many who sit around the world in homes and shacks,unable to move,but waiting for their Lord. For Henry and his wife of over 60 years it will be a great day. Will it be so for you?

Blog you later
Pastor Tom