Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In an incredible lack of judgment, decency, care, and any other word you can think of, two Penn State students dressed up like Virginia Tech students who had been shot. This has been in the news recently as the pictures were found on some students Internet page. The reaction has been one of horror, sadness and outrage, as some have supposedly threatened the lives of the students who did this despicable thing. While I would not advocate such an extreme response, it is frightening to hear the comments of one of the students who dressed up as if he were a VT student who had been shot. Sadly, from the wires;

"Today, one of the students, who reportedly wore one of the controversial outfits, said he will not apologize. "Never ever ever," Nathan Jones told The Daily Collegian, the student paper at Penn State. Jones, a senior biochemistry major, told the paper that he never thought the images would cause an uproar. "A lot of people do crazy, insensitive things," he said. "I knew what I was doing was sad. I did it for that reason. It was never meant to get out."

Twenty seven students and five faculty members were killed in this senseless attack and this student not only dressed up like one of them, but refuses to apologize! This is the product of a culture where children are the center of the world and never held responsible for any of their actions. The two students who dressed up that night were not all of a sudden insensitive, uncaring, self centered people. They were raised to be that. They are a product of the put your kids first movement. The my children cannot go without group. The whole world revolves around me fraternity. The sad reality of the actions of these students hopefully will encourage you to raise your children differently. Hopefully you read this and say,' not my children, they are not going to grow up to turn out this way."

Imagine being so cold towards others that you would dress up in such a way as to bring the horror, pain and tragedy to the surface again for people who will never get over the loss of their loved ones. Vengeance is not what should be done to these two, what should be done is that they are made to go and visit every family that lost loved ones on that day. The should be made to sit and look these poor people in their faces and explain why they did what they did. In other words they should be held accountable and made to suffer the consequences of their actions. A novel idea!

blog you later,
pastor tom