Friday, December 21, 2007


Jamie Lynn Spears is Brittney's little sister. She is the sixteen year old who stars in the popular television show Zoey Girl. And oh yeah, she is pregnant! Now let me be clear that it is a good decision for her to have the baby, as I would not want to see her or anyone have an abortion. But it is the reaction that will be interesting to watch. Brittney Spears is a weekly, if not daily live horror show, as the world gets to watch this human being self destruct. She is fodder for comedians, a meal ticket for paparazzi, and following in Anna Nicole Smiths footsteps. If that is not bad enough, the fact that she is idolized by young girls is a tragic reality. Brittney Spears with all of her vices on display has and is leading many a young girl astray as they seek to be like her. And you need to look no further than her younger sister to see that those who look up to her, do the things that she does.

This is why young girls need good role models to look up to. To look to the celebrities of our day is to be led to destruction. Moms and Dads need to step up to the plate, but particularly Dads! Understand that it is not a good thing that your little girl wants to be like Brittney, or Jamie Lynn. Understand that those desires to dress like they do is more than innocent child play. Dads you need to be involved in your little girls life. She needs to see what is means for a husband to love a wife. She needs to see from you that men respect women. She needs to see her body as precious and only to be given to the man that God has chosen for her, and not until the wedding day. Take the time and put forth the effort to be the Dad that your daughter not only loves, but sees all the qualities that her future husband must have. It takes a strong loving father to keep a young girl pure, and respecting herself and her God. But there is no more important job for you to give your all in. And it is well worth it, especially considering the alternative. Your motivation is as simple as asking this one question, who do you want to have more influence in your little girls life, you or Brittney and Jamie Lynn?

blog you later,
pastor tom