Thursday, December 27, 2007


She stood for women's rights in Pakistan. She stood with the leader of Afghanistan against Islamic terrorism. She had been in exile and now was back and in the running as a major player on the political scene in Pakistan. While she had many threats she was not deterred from her mission of seeking office again. And today she is dead. Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani opposition leader and former Prime Minister was killed today at a political rally. Early reports indicate she was shot in the neck and head as she got into her can as a suicide bomber blew himself up.
Her death was predicted and promised by Islamists. They declared that she would never make it to the January elections, and they were right.

While you might not know of her or the situation in Pakistan, you will. This country is already armed with nuclear weapons, and is on the brink of chaos. The situation has never been more ripe for Islamists to take control of those weapons. Bhutto sought office to give women their rights, to take on the terrorists, to bring some sanity to an insane part of the world. That was not to be, as things could not be more tenuous than they are right now. The fuse is about to be lit and the explosion will be heard and felt around the world, as Islam seeks to conquer the world, and will eliminate any who get in its way. The beat goes on!

blog you later,
pastor tom