Thursday, December 13, 2007


In an amazing display of big brother watching Roger Earl was threatened with arrest for nothing more than walking his daughter in a baby carriage, and praying. Roger had dropped his wife off at an abortion protest where she would stand, not protesting, but seeking to speak with any women going for an abortion, an activity which is known as sidewalk counseling. Roger, who had protested in the past, after dropping his wife off, got out and took their baby for a walk. He was across the street bothering no one, simply walking and praying with his prayer book when a female officer stopped him and instructed him to stop. She also got her Sargent involved and he politely told Mr.Earl that if he did not stop he would be arrested!

In America, it is possible for you to be arrested for walking alone and praying. As incredible as that seems, it is a sad, unconstitutional reality of life. But rather than read what I have to say about how far this country has fallen from its founding principles, the things that make us a great nation, go to this link and watch this for yourself. As they now say, a video on You Tube is worth a million words, here is your link;

blog you later,
pastor tom