Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Booth Gardner 71, is a former Governor of the state of Washington. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and understands the reality of the disease. While it will have impact on his neurology and memory it will not kill him. You think that this would be good news for a man with grand kids, but this has become his clarion call to have one last political cause. It is what he calls "Death with Dignity", in other words assisted suicide. Booth is attempting to get on the ballot an initiative that would allow doctors to kill patients with narcotics if they should wish to die. This comment from the wires reveals much behind the ideology of Booth and those who would advocate with him;

“My life, my death, my control.”

It is that simple. When you believe you can be God as has been told us since the Garden of Eden, then you end up with this logic. It truly does become possible for you to control everything, from your life to your death, because you are God. But that is not the reality of our lives. It is not our life, nor our death, nor in our control. The Word of God tells us that He is the one who authors all of the days of our lives before we are born. That we all have an appointment with death, and then a judgment. This has already been done. Your moment of death has already been written by God and you will not die one moment sooner nor one moment later than what God has already sovereignly decreed.

This should give you fuel for life, if you are a follower of Christ. The Word tells us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. And the dying is already planned, so do not waste your life trying to postpone of hurry it up, because you can't. It is a sad place to be when you believe the best thing you could do is get a law passed that allowed people to enable others to kill themselves. Why not spend your last days on this earth living for the Glory of God with passion, knowing you will not leave this earth until He is done with you? While that is the much better way to live, you must be a true follower of Jesus Christ to live that way. So pray for Mr. Booth and others like him who still believe the lie that you can be like God! Which is what his son Doug a believer in Christ knows, in Doug's words;
"Dad's lost,He's playing God, trying to usurp God's authority"
Amen Doug!

blog you later,
pastor tom