Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Toyota has become the number one make of automobiles in the world. While that might not be something that you care about, it is noteworthy. General Motors has held that title for seven decades! For over seventy years GM has been number one, and now it is an automaker whose origin is a country different from ours. This is the latest and probably the clearest picture of the power shift that that is happening in the world. The United States is no longer the undisputed manufacturing giant it once was. This is in large part due to the unequal playing field our companies are made to play on.

Often our products are subject to taxes and fees before they enter the foreign markets. China is one example of this, as they hit our products with fees that make it a clearly disadvantaged situation for our companies. Yet the leaders of our country, in all of their "wisdom", for years have not reciprocated with the same on our end. In other words, China can trade free here but will not allow us to do so there. How and why this matters, is the upcoming Presidential elections. While you are searching for the right candidate, do not overlook the issue of free trade. It is high time that our workers were given a fair shake around the world.

The reality is and always has been, when we have the chance to compete fairly we win much more than we lose. But it is hard to win when you have to compete under the current scenario. Some would advocate that everyone buys American. I do not believe that is the answer, or that it would ever work. People will buy what is the best product at the best price, period. The answer is not convincing people to pay more for the same value, but rather take the handcuffs off of our businesses so they can compete fairly. If that is done you will not have to sell people on buying American, they will come to that conclusion on their own!

blog you later,
pastor tom