Monday, December 03, 2007


I wondered when this was going to happen. A married doctor at a Long Island hospital in the late 1980s donated his sperm to a female hospital resident who was trying to have a baby with her lesbian partner. Though he did not obtain custody, the doctor allowed his name to be on the birth certificate, and even sent cards and presents over the years. From the wires we read, "when the boy moved to Oregon with his mother and her partner in 1993, regular contact stopped. Since then, the man's contact with the child consisted of seven phone calls and one brief meeting over the past 15 years."

A judge has ruled that the doctor must pay child support for the boy who is 18 and headed to college. This is a fascinating ruling that brings back discussion of sperm donors. Is a sperm donor just a sperm donor, or is he a father? Once there has been conception the child is biologically the donors. It has his DNA. Now many would make the point and rightly so, that it takes more than sperm to make a father, and I would agree. But the courts ruling does make you stop and think about this ability for people to donate sperm, for which people of any moral persuasion can purchase.

What if all of the women who have sperm donor babies went back and demanded child support from the donor? You would see that business collapse quickly. The fact that a lesbian couple can go buy sperm, or have it donated for them to have a "family" is a sad state of affairs. But the truth is sperm donation has been around for a long time and that is even sadder. I would advocate adoption for those couples who cannot have children on their own. There is a world full of needy children who could have their lives change through adoption. It borders on vanity that we have to have the semblance of our own child, thus there must be a pregnancy and a birth. Better that we trust God and His plan for our lives.

I will say this though, if you have been a sperm donor, it might not be a bad idea to talk to a lawyer, because as a comedian long ago said, "here comes the judge!"

blog you later,
pastor tom