Thursday, December 20, 2007


A mom has finally had enough of the police state tactics and has moved her family away from the problem.. She could no longer put up with the jack boot threats of jail if she did not put her children in public school. She was told that homeschooling fails one hundred percent of the time and if she did not enroll her children in public school she would be sent to prison. Is this another development in the Germany story? No, this is a mom who lived in Utah! That is correct, Denise Mafi,who has home schooled her children for nine years moved her family to parts unknown due to the threats from Utah Judge Scott Johansen. I have been saying for some time that this is on the way, and here it is.

When looking at the family in Germany who had their daughter taken away from them because the parents home schooled her, I said then, this is on the way. We now have on record a Judge making statements and threats of jail for no other reason than his own twisted ideology. This is going to become the norm for parents. The government, by that I mean all three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, are more and more being filled with people who believe they know what is best for your children. Better put, they believe they know better than you, the parent.

Consequently, government at state and federal levels is going to increasingly seek control of your children. While you might have your children in a nice friendly public school, while you might have a nice homeschooling situation where local educators have signed off on your plans, you can be sure this is going to change. Government believes they can raise your children better than you. They believe your children need to learn about homosexuality and transgenderism by the age of five. They believe that you do not have the ability or capability to teach your own children, and their belief is so deep that they will put you in jail for disagreeing with them.

We are moving to a new time in our country. A time of government intervention in family life. A time of Big Brother not only watching, but by force dictating what you as a parent can and cannot do with your children. And eventually, if nothing changes, if no one stands up to be counted, the reality will be to go against Big Brother will mean being removed from the equation!

blog you later,
pastor tom