Friday, December 07, 2007


Forty percent of teenagers who took a 2007 online survey for Junior Achievement and Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, an accounting firm, agreed that to get ahead you need to cheat. Seventy one percent of those surveyed said they are ready for the work force. How does it happen that four out of ten teenagers believe you do whatever it is you have to to get ahead? How do we end up with these examples given by teens from the wires;

"plagiarizing and cheating to make good grades, lying when necessary and stealing when you're short on cash "

I would suggest this is the result of a lack of parenting. When kids are latch key, when mom and dad are not at home, and the television and computers raise them, this is the result. For those who believe that there is not consequence to the career woman, think again. For those who believe that children can make the right decisions on their own, think again. This survey and others expose the reality of a coming generation with no concern for anyone but themselves. There is coming a narcissistic generation that has not been seen this side of the Roman Empire.

Let me encourage you moms and dads to not allow, that is correct, not allow your children to fall into this trap. Find things for them to do that are ministry to others. Find ways for them to serve others, so that they will know and realize the great joy that is the ministry of Christ. While four out of ten are falling more and more in love with themselves and stepping on people to get ahead, let your children be among those who follow Jesus Christ as servants to others!

blog you later,
pastor tom