Friday, January 18, 2008


When you read the Word of God there are times when you are tempted to fast forward. The genealogies, the long lists of people who did a variety of things. In Nehemiah chapter seven there is one such place. It is the listing of the exiles who had come back to Jerusalem from the captivity in Babylon. A list of many names, among which is the sons of Temah, or "Temech". Which for all reading this today carries little if any meaning, until you factor in what has happened in Jerusalem. There has been a discovery among archaeologists working in Jerusalem. They have found a stone seal bearing the name of one of the families who served in the first Temple. The name of the family? "Temech"!

The very same one named in Nehemiah as coming back from exile. This family was taken away in exile and their relatives, their lineage we know came back to Jerusalem and were a part of rebuilding the Temple, and today we read of their family stone seal being uncovered. That God in His sovereignty led archaeologists to this find. Another that verifies the veracity of the Word of God. Another that confirms Gods Word being tried and true.

But there is another consideration in all of this. Consider this family whose stone seal was found. Thousands of years later their name is again named in Jerusalem. The legacy of their faithfulness goes far beyond what they would have imagined serving in the first Temple. It goes far beyond what their lineage would have thought in Babylon and even upon return to Jerusalem. None who carried the name "Temech" would have believed that thousands of years later their name would be named not only in Jerusalem but via the web, around the world, and used as a witness to the truth and power of Gods Word! Praise God, only He could do far beyond what anyone would imagine. And if He could do that with the name "Temech", what might He do with your faithfulness?

blog you later,
pastor tom