Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Parents and students spend small fortunes in order to have a college degree. Many believe that they will not make it in society if they are not in possession of the paper that declares they have completed the requirements to be awarded the degree. While it is an arguable position it is understandable and thus colleges continue to do a booming business. At the beginning of each school year there are orientation meetings for both parents and their children. These are to make mom and dad comfortable that they have made the right choice in sending them their most prized possessions. I wonder how the moms and dads of the students of William and Mary are feeling today?

The "genius" you see pictured here is the President of the college Gene Nichol, who today gave the go ahead for the college to have on campus a "Sex Workers Art Show". I kid you not, in fact I wish I was kidding but there is going to be a show that will have as participants, and I quote;

"..performances and monologues by strippers, prostitutes and other sex workers, with its goal being to "dispel the myth that (the performers) are anything short of artists, innovators, and geniuses."

There was a Unitarian church that was going to have the event but could not due to a county ruling that forbid public nudity, so good old William and Mary college is going to accommodate the perversity. Imagine being a mom or a dad who has worked your whole life in order to send your children to college, to find out that this is what your investment has produced. Colleges today are quick becoming the worst place to send your children as they are little more than indoctrination labs seeking to infect and affect your children. What once would have been illegal and worthy of arrest is now being played out on college campuses with the approval of the administration. And where was I when prostitution was deemed genius,innovative and art? Not even President Nichol can truly believe that, or can he?

blog you later,
pastor tom