Thursday, January 10, 2008


10,500 Writers Guild of America members are on strike and have been for awhile, has anyone noticed? No, really has anyone noticed, other than those who are directly affected? I believe the answer is no for the most part, but if some have noticed I would bet that not many care. Why it matters is all is simply, as a marker of the shift in our culture. A short twenty five to thirty years ago there would have been panic in the streets if the writers went on strike, as many more people were tied to their favorite television show as aired on one of the only three networks they received on their home set. Go back a few more years and it would have been a cause for hospitalization to not see the next episode of "Happy Days", or "Welcome Back Kotter", or even further back, "Room 222", and "Starsky & Hutch". That is no longer the case as there are hundreds of options that have nothing to do with the Writers Guild. Reality television has taken over, and who can argue with one more episode of "Dirty Jobs" or the one with the family and all the children.

More options is both an opportunity and a danger. For the informed family with diligent parents, you can find something worthwhile for your children and the whole family to watch together, even if it means going back and watching some of the aforementioned classics. The danger is that left alone children and adults for that matter, can find some real trouble on their television sets. Any and all things are possible, particularly in the area of sexuality. Most of the new shows that those very same writers are creating are filled with the glorification of perverse lifestyles and sexual immorality. Therefore, while I do not like to see anyone out of work, I do hope that during this strike the members of the Writers Guild will reflect on the garbage they are putting out and realize that in this new era of television we do not need them. Especially when there are so many more "Dirty Jobs" to find out about!

blog you later,
pastor tom