Thursday, January 24, 2008


Author Walter Gilliam, director of the Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy has conducted a study of preschoolers and the rate they are kicked out of pre-school. In the study it is reported 6.7 expulsions per 1,000 preschoolers in the United States, compared with 2.09 per 1,000 for students in kindergarten through grade 12. In data collected from 2002-2004, rates ranged from zero per 1,000 students in Kentucky to more than 21 in New Mexico. It is an amazing phenomenon that says much about the state of parenting in our culture. While some are saying they have no idea why the rate is as high as it is, I am sitting here in an airport waiting for my flight seeing firsthand the reason for the problem. As I write this I am sitting next to a soda machine(of course) and there is a mom with two young kids getting some beverages. Her older child, a boy, gets his soda and is satisfied. Her daughter is another story, she has been given a Sprite but would rather have an Ice Tea. Mom has just told her that she cannot as they will not let her have an Ice Tea on the plane, which is a lie. The young girl is not taking no for an answer and is in the process of throwing a fit as I write this. And of course mom is going into her pocketbook and getting more money for the Ice Tea. Ah yes, of course this is not good enough as now the "little princess" has to put the money in herself, and yes mom is going to facilitate that as well.

This is why kids are being thrown out of pre-school, they have no discipline in their lives. There are too many parents who do not know how to say no to their children and follow through . And there are even less parents who are willing to excercise the art of spanking. Yes believe it or not there are times when the only thing a young child will understand is a spanking. When kids are not disciplined they are left to raise themselves and they never do a good job of it as they are not equipped for the job that is rightfully their parents. True love according to God involves the discipline of your children, in fact God says to not discipline means that you hate your child. What the the "little princess" needed was a good swat on the behind, not a bottle of Ice Tea. Unfortunately this mom will learn the hard way as this young girl will grow up and become a young woman who does not respect her mother, and might even hate her. Mom and Dad take note, it is good to say no to your child, and it is better and loving to follow through!

blog you later,
pastor tom