Monday, January 07, 2008


A major event is taking place in China. The Olympics? No, bigger than that. Under Chinese law there is a one child policy. It is a fact that Chinese families are to be small and are legislated to be so. It is also illegal in China to become pregnant before marriage. Jin Yani a 19 year old woman became pregnant 5 months before she would be legally old enough to marry the father of her child. In a stunning move, the Chinese abortion police came and took her into custody and transported her to a facility to have a forced abortion. Here are the tragic comments from Yani, from the wires;

"I got on my knees and begged them after they took me to the clinic and said I wanted to give birth to my daughter. I had already named her Yang Yin."

In the clinic, she was injected with a large syringe. Her husband arrived in time to witness the removal of the dead foetus with forceps two days later.
Mrs Jin lost blood, and was hospitalised for 44 days. Her husband was charged for the medicine she needed. He said that his wife is now infertile as a result of the abortion."

The major event from all of this is that they are suing the government, and it is being heard. At first the case was not moving but now the regional court is going to hear it. While the outcome is uncertain the father of the murdered child has been offered a job and free medical for his wife, a shallow but telling offer. The fact that you are able to now bring this barbaric behavior to court is a move in the right direction. China for too long has been a violent, dictatorial country that rules by intimidation and fear. It is incredible that the world will show up for the Olympics and give this country the appearance of decency. So the good news as tainted as it might be is that the court is hearing the case, and the public is able to be informed. The bad news is that this is one of millions of examples of murder and torture by the Chinese authorities.

As the world begins to show up for the Olympics this coming year, as you watch the events from the comfort of your home, remember these words from a mother who had her baby literally ripped out of her;

"Our baby will never come back,"

blog you later,
pastor tom