Monday, January 14, 2008


In mans never ending quest to not be sick and live forever there is movement in England. It seems as if the Prime Minister is throwing his support behind a plan to allow hospitals to harvest organs from those who have died without prior consent. It is an opt out plan where it will be assumed that consent is given unless there is a clear understanding not to allow the procedure. It is an amazing move that has more potential problems than could be listed here, but lets consider a few.

First there is the dignity of the dead. Do they understand what happens to the bodies of people who are organ donors? It is an incredible process where the body is treated in ways that are unspeakable. While it is true that this is just the tent and that the person has moved on for better or for worse, the person should still have a say in this while alive. And there is a demeaning aspect to every persons death becoming a feeding frenzy for body parts. At that moment people become consumers of one another with the medical community brokering the transactions.

The other glaring reality is the situation where Doctors are speeding the process of a person dying in order to be able to harvest their organs sooner. I can hear the argument now, that it is the humane thing to do, help those that are going to live and give the dying something "dignified" to accomplish in death. I can picture the Kevorkian types sitting by the bedside convincing people to commit suicide to help their fellow man. Not to mention those who cannot speak for themselves, the young, the mentally ill, the list of potential victims is endless. The reality of the Prime Minister of England being on board gives me less confidence in him than I already had. So get ready, as you will soon be looked at in a much different way by your attending medical community. It could soon be not, "what can we do to make you more comfortable" but rather "you really have a nice set of kidneys, do you mind......".

blog you later,
pastor tom