Thursday, January 03, 2008


As I blog today from Los Angeles and watch the weather map on the television and hear the reporters speak about the record freezing temperatures and the danger to fruit due to the freeze, I am very tempted to talk about the "danger of man made global warming"and the genius that is "Al Gore". But I will not and will allow all of you to come to your own delightfully humorous conclusions. The topic today is far more troubling in my mind. Marvel Comics has made a deal with the United Nations to come out with comics to be given to school children in our country for free that will use Spider Man as a way to give the UN a better image. First on my mind is where is the outrage? Why have we not heard of parents who are incensed at the targeted indoctrination of their children? I understand the argument on the other side will be that the UN is trying to draw attention to the good peaceful work they do around the world. The feeding of the poor the building of new facilities for those who could not do it for themselves.

The truth is the UN has outlived its usefulness and is nothing more than a propaganda machine for crime and terror. The money that is "lost" or better put, stolen is amazing. The unwillingness to move when there are serious threats to the world are comical. All one needs to do is look at the number of resolutions that are passed before any serious action is ever taken. The UN is also known for its anti-Israeli stance. If it were not for the United States the Israelis would have long ago been voted out of existence and forced to defend their land from the entire world. To indoctrinate our children with the "glory" of the UN through the character of Spider Man is nothing less than pornographic. And if Spider Man is now working with the UN, you can be sure it must be the black dark side Spider Man in disguise. Where is Captain America when you need him?

blog you later,
pastor tom