Tuesday, January 08, 2008


As we sit on the verge of another primary,actually the first in the country where people vote as opposed to the Iowa caucus, there is much news to consider. Hillary is on the ropes, so much so that it is being reported that she is turning to the team of Carville and Bagala. She has also remarked, incredibly on the fact that it was LBJ who passed the civil rights bill and not John F. Kennedy, a statement where she also mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. which means she in one sentence has offended and maybe lost votes from all walks of life. So many democrats have showed up to vote that it is being reported that they are running out of ballots. But the biggest news by far in my mind is the name that has been given for the February 5th primary day. That is the day where more states than ever before will be voting in primaries, it is a make it or break it day, a day that will most likely determine the final two candidates. It used to be called Super Tuesday, but the new name, believe it or not, from supposedly intelligent people is....."Super Duper Tuesday! I wish I were kidding, but I am not. We can receive pictures from mars but the best we could come up with is Super Duper Tuesday? I have seen serious news reporters, and more serious candidates for President of the United States, use this term. And amazingly they are able to say it with a straight face. I cannot listen with a straight face, as I chuckle every time I hear the term. So as you watch and observe tonight and over the next few weeks, notice how many people are using this term. I find it hard to believe that someone somewhere could not coin a better term.

Imagine with me the scene from the boardroom where people are sitting around, high executive type people. They are discussing the big day February 5th and they realize Super Tuesday is no longer good enough, the day is too big for the same old term. All of a sudden someone yells, "I got it! We can call it Super Duper Tuesday!". The room goes wild and the one who came up with the term is given a raise, a new office and his or her own parking spot. All because of the genius of the phrase , "Super Duper Tuesday". Yippee !

blog you later,
pastor tom