Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A new report is out from the Barna group that should have those running for office paying close attention. In this survey born again Christians were asked about the issues that were of the most importance to them. The report on assessment of voters values and morals revealed that for a whopping 94 percent abortion was the main concern. While this is not good news for Mayor Guliani, it is a testimony for the body of Christ. In my opinion there should not be an issue of greater concern for believers in our day and age. Abortion should be number one, not to the exclusion of other pressing issues but is there anything worse than the ongoing murders in the womb? Some of the other results were that 81 percent were worried about personal debt, 79 percent were concerned about the content of movies and television, and 75 percent were concerned over homosexual lifestyles and influence.

For those that believed that there was some sort of schism among values voters, this survey would serve notice that this is not the case. Those that have always been concerned over values and morals have not gone away. Which means therefore in order to garner their support in the coming elections there must be confidence that the candidate holds true to the very same values and morals. As I said above this virtually eliminates Guliani as a Republican candidate, but this survey could also be the indication that a Democrat will hold office in January of 2009. Reason being if the Republican party does not run a conservative on values and morals for President then this bloc of voters might stay home. If they stay home the Democrats win handily.

The only remedy for Republican staying home is for Hillary Clinton to be nominated. She is the cure that brings the base of the Republican party out in droves. While they would not come out if Obama was the candidate for the Democrats, you can be sure they will come out like never before to vote against Hillary. As they would know to stay home in an election is to vote for the eventual winner, and I do not know many if any Republicans that would want to go to bed at night knowing they had contributed to Bill Clinton being the "first man"!

blog you later,
pastor tom