Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We are a very litigous society. People will sue one another for the smallest of discrepancies, and others will sue falsely attempting to gain monetarily. I personally know of a man, now deceased who falsely accused a priest of molesting him and received one hundred thousand dollars from it, an amazing feat of deceit. Today we hear of a woman suing Ruby Tuesdays because they would not allow her to breastfeed at her table. Dee Dee Olsen claims that a restaurant manager told her to go into the ladies room or out in the parking lot to feed her baby. While the Florida laws, which apply here, do indicate you can breast feed, seemingly anytime and anywhere, that is not the problem here. We could have a long discussion of the whens and wheres of breast feeding.

The problem with this situation is that it happened in 2003! Four to five years ago, and all of a sudden this woman realizes she suffered emotionally? She may win or lose the case, but the sad part is that money will be spent in the court system to come to the conclusion of this ridiculous claim. The real losers in all of this will be again and again the taxpayers. Here is a thought for 2008, lets have a pre-court group of people who will be able to decide if a case should move forward on its merit. The basis will be the length of laughter, volume of laughter and if tears come to the eyes, while laughing. If all three of those are true then the case if frivolous and does not make it to the court system. The above case does not make it through then!

blog you later,
pastor tom