Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today is another hot political day with a Republican primary in Michigan along with a Democratic debate in Nevada. As we move through this political season there is some noise being made from those groups who desire to get rid of the Electoral College system of electing a President and move to a popular vote. Electoral college votes are equal to the size of a state's congressional delegation and are generally awarded based on the popular vote. This system was put into place by the founders of our government to insure that our government would be a representative republic as opposed to a direct democracy. Their vision was to design a system that gave as much equality as possible to people regardless of where they lived, and for the most part these men succeeded, again displaying their extraordinary wisdom. The Wallbuilders ministry has this to say about the founders rejecting the idea of a popular vote;

"This idea was rejected not because the framers distrusted the people but rather because the larger populous states would have much greater influence than the smaller states and therefore the interests of those smaller states could be disregarded or trampled. Additionally, a nationwide election would encourage regionalism since the more populous areas of the country could form coalitions to elect president after president from their own region. With such regional preferentialism, lasting national unity would be nearly impossible."

In other words the focus we see on certain areas of the country during an election would become much more narrowed, which would mean much more power in the hands of much fewer states. The Electoral College though misunderstood, or not understood by many is the fairest most representative way of conducting elections. It prevents the major media centers of both coasts from solely determining who will be the leaders of our country, and continues to give a strong voice to the fly over states, which is where the majority of sane thinking resides. So as groups seek to change the process, ask yourself two questions, is this a truly a better system, and do you believe the people presenting the plan are smarter than the founders?

blog you later,
pastor tom