Wednesday, January 30, 2008


As we move through life day by day we are a busy people. There is much to accomplish each day with work, families and the normal responsibilities. One things most if not all of us do not have to worry about each day is eating. We do not wake up wondering where our food will come from each day. We are a nation of plenty and a people of much, but in other parts of the world people are not as fortunate. We have all seen the pictures and commercials of little children around the world with their bellies swollen from lack of nourishment. Today there is a story of how some people in Haiti survive and it is heart rendering.

Charlene Dumas is a 16 year old mom with a one month old son. And each day for food she eats mud! That is right, mud! Because of the cost of food and the lack of means, she eats cookies made of dirt, salt and vegetable shortening. While the dirt cookies you see pictured here are a means of filling her stomach, they give her stomach pains and make her babies stomach hurt from nursing as well. Today you and I have the option of stopping at a convenience store and in one visit getting more nutrition than Charlene will have in a month.

When you have your next meal remember Charlene who will eat dirt cookies. Tell your children about her so you can all pray for her and the millions like her around the world that are starving. Maybe her story will be what incites a passion in your children to give their lives helping those less fortunate around the world. Maybe Charlene will be the motivation for them to give of their income when they are older to those agencies who seek to feed people like her. Or maybe, just maybe her story will motivate you to do something about this problem. True religion, true faith according to Gods Word is feeding those who have no food. Helping those who today will eat literal dirt in order to have something in their stomachs. What are you prepared to do about that?

blog you later,
pastor tom