Monday, January 21, 2008


As parents there are things to watch for on many fronts. You cannot rest or truly ever believe you have all the bases covered. Well here is one more front for some of you to worry about. It seems that if your high school age son is involved in water athletics like swimming or water polo, they might be showing up on homosexual porn sites. This from the wires;

"Edison High School boys water polo coach Diggy Riley was shown an online photo of a player on a pool deck wearing just a Speedo swim suit, he recognized the athlete immediately. The player was an Edison freshman. The photo was from a gay porn site that also contains photos of nude young men and young males engaged in sex acts. The Web site is one of five gay-oriented Web sites found by The Orange County Register that contained dozens of non-action photographs of apparently unsuspecting high school boys water polo players from least 11 Orange County high schools as well as schools in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. On these sites, images of local high school athletes, some as young as 14, according to parents, are juxtaposed next to photos of nude or semi-nude young males and graphic sexual content. The photos are the subject of lewd comments from chat room participants as far away as Australia"

I am not sure how much lower one can go than taking pictures of unsuspecting boys and using the photographs to satisfy others perverse needs. But remember, this is the homosexual community. They are an entitled group of people with little regard for anyone or anything outside of their own agenda. I have said before and believe it more than ever, that the homosexual movement and the Muslim movement have much in common. They seek to conquer at all costs, they will say whatever they need to in order to accomplish their goals and they are making inroads into our culture.

So now a parent cannot simply go to their child's sporting event to show support. No, those days are fast leaving, as a parent must now show up in order to try and make sure their children are not being exploited by some very sick and depraved people. Be that as it may, parents must continue with this due diligence as the stakes have never been higher!

blog you later,
pastor tom