Friday, February 01, 2008


We are in one of the most politically correct eras in our nations history. I was remembering the other day the show "All in the Family", the one with Archie Bunker as the lead character. If that show were on the air today ,it would not be for very long as it would be deemed politically incorrect. To be fair there is a selective political correctness at work, as if something is pro homosexual, pro abortion, pro muslim then of course it is acceptable. Well todays story takes the cake for political correctness. It has to do with the type of pen a student brought to school.

It seems as if the student (who remains anonymous as his parents do not want his name published) was doing his school work one night at home. His pen ran out of ink and so he asked his father for a pen. His dad, who works in law enforcement, gave him one of his own pens. The pen happens to have the emblem and name of Glock, the gun manufacturer. Well the next day the son goes to school and sometime during the day the father is called to come to the school to deal with a "serious problem". The school was actually going to suspend the boy for having a pen with the name of a gun manufaturer on it.

This was the wrong family to do this to, as dad took it all the way to the Superintendent of schools who called the Vice Principal who was carrying out this insanity and told him to make it right. While the son was allowed back in school and his record was cleansed of any disciplinary action, the father was outraged. and although he has said he will let it go he did say that his son will be using pens with the Glock name and emblem, as long as he is in school.

But what if this dad did not fight back? What if he allowed the disciplinary action of the school? His son would have been branded as a possible threat and that would have followed him all the way through his education. These are the times we live in. I guarantee you if the boy had the emblem of a man boy love association on his pen, he not only would not have been in trouble, but probably would have been given an award by the school for courage. Our Constitution, our way of life is under attack and will fast go away if we do not begin to push back as this dad did.

And one of the best ways to push back is to find leaders who still believe in traditional conserative, biblical principles of living. Support them, follow them, vote for them, convince them to run for something. Maybe you are one of those people, if you are the time to get involved, the time to get in the game, the time to lead is now!

blog you later,
pastor tom