Friday, February 15, 2008


Tnere is an exhibit that has gone around the world and drawn millions of paying customers. The exhibit is of dead people! To be specific, dead people with the skin peeled off of their bodies. There are human bodies that have been through a liquid preserving process developed by a German doctor, that are put in a variety of poses. People are drawn to this by droves as it appeals to some macabre desire in the heart of man. A dark desire that comes out when passing a bad wreck, and takes form in the slowing down of traffic to see the wreckage. While some people correctly could point out scientific reasons to view such an exhibit, I would wager the majority of paying customers are driven by less noble desires.

What has always fascinated me is the lack of questioning of such an exhibit. From what I understand there are corpses of all ages to be viewed. It would seem to me that one basic question, since most of the bodies are from China, would be were these people murder victims? Were they killed for the sake of making money in an exhibit like this? Before you scoff at that notion understand this is China we are speaking about, one of the worst countries in the arena of human rights in the world. Well lo and behold today it is reported that the German doctor who prepares the bodies for the exhibit will no longer accept corpses from China. Reason being? Evidence that some of the people had been executed.

Imagine if it is true that they were executed not for their faith in Christ, or some other cause, but simply to sell to the corpse exhibit! Even worse, imagine if you went and paid money to support such a thing!

blog you later,
pastor tom