Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Timothy Mortimore had dated Lee Armor for some time, but like many relationships, this one came to an end. At least that is what Timothy believed, but amazingly
Lee used her mobile phone to contact him more than 10,000 times in 65 days – the equivalent of once every eight minutes. Can you imagine the fire that raged inside of her as she sought to gain him back and prove the baby she was pregnant with was his? It is hard to imagine being that caught up with anybody or anything, but it happens.

It happens when people replace contentment in the Lord with a person place or thing. The issue here is contentment. This woman could not rest and would not rest until she had Timothy back because she believed he could make her content, when in fact he did not have that power. No one has the power to make a person truly content. No amount of money, no particular climate or type or person is able to bring full true contentment. But God is! Only He is able to bring contentment, as the Apostle Paul wrote that he had learned this, he had learned the secret of contentment. He had gained much and lost much in this world but had learned the secret, which was that Christ Jesus was the true source of joy and contentment for his life. And with Christ he could do all things, regardless of earthly circumstance.

The answer for this troubled woman is the same for you and me today, Jesus Christ. True joy and contentment and peace are found in Him. What do you obssess about? He is able to bring a peace to your soul that the world does not understand. This woman was not crazy, just looking for contentment in the wrong place. How about you today? Where are you looking?

blog you later,
pastor tom