Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The war on terror has been a much talked about much criticized policy. It is an important and critical issue for whomever the next President will be, which makes it all the more important who attains that office. It is interesting when you listen to the Democrats discuss this war they never use the term "radical islam", or "extreme islamist". They simply talk about the war and the need to withdraw our troops from Iraq, displaying both an ignorance of reality and a profound ignorance of the enemy. There is no talking with, or negotiating with this enemy. They are islamists who will do whatever it takes to conquer the world, and there is no level to which they will not sink.

The clearest example of this happened over the weekend when a couple of suicide bombers blew themselves up killing over seventy people. The stunning thing is that they were women. But they were not just women, they were women with Downe Syndrome! These were women with Downes who were victims caught up in this sick culture known as islam. They were taken and forced to wear explosives which were detonated by remote control. This is the enemy, these are the combatants our country fights against. How do you negotiate with people who would do something as heinous as this?

The answer is you can not. The depravity is so pervasive that it is only an act of God that will change them. But that is good news as God is the one that can do just that. The answer for a people who would strap explosives to women wth Downes Syndrome, is Jesus Christ. He is the only one that could rescue them and save them from their depravity. Apart from Him there is no hope and with Him there is the greatest of hope. We would be better of as a nation and as a people when our leaders understood this truth. We cannot negotiate with islam, we must fight them as a nation with all of the power at our disposal, while believers in Christ pray and go and tell the good news of the gospel to them. It is a battle that must be waged on both fronts. The secular with our military and the sacred with the army of God! While they both could win, we know the sooner the army of God goes into motion the less the other army will be needed. The question is, would God have you be a part of His army that goes and brings the gospel to these islamists? Could you be a part of the means that He uses to change the heart of a people that would blow up women with Downes Syndrome? Do not be too quick to say no to that question, I would encourage you to pray as you seek His answer!

blog you later,
pastor tom