Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today is Valentines day, one of the most consumer oriented holidays of our country. There are cottage industries that survive around this holiday. But there is one thing you will not need to purchase if you live in New york City. While you might be looking for a card or a box of candy, you will not need to purchase any condoms as the city is not only distributing them for free, they have a marketing campaign designed for the condoms. I kid you not, from the wires;

"New York City spruced up its relentless safe sex ad campaign, urging New Yorkers to "get some" on Valentine's Day. Get some condoms, that is. Subway ads displaying the new slogan will be plastered about the city and across city buses, with a television and radio campaign to hit the airwaves soon. Street teams will be handing out free condoms at busy hubs around the city on Thursday, including Times Square, Wall Street and near City Hall."

This is how totally depraved, dead in their sin, people think. Lets market condoms and encourage people to "get some". Of course there is no thought about the effect of this marketing blitz on young people. While moms and dads are encouraging their children to be smart and wait for marriage, the city of New York is telling them to "get some". And then some years down the road there will be discussion about all of the unwanted teen pregnancies and the epidemic of sexual activity by young people. What goes through the minds of people when they come up with this stuff? It is hard to believe that intelligent people could think this is a good idea. I have an idea for the officials in New York City, "get some", not condoms, but rather common sense!

blog you later,
pastor tom