Friday, February 29, 2008


Prince Harry has been found out. For the last few months he has been on the front lines fighting the Taliban. Yes the privileged, third in line for the crown of England, son of Diana, has been fighting the Taliban, and it was at his request! Yes, Prince Harry desired to go to the front line with his "mates", in spite of the fact that if it were found out, he would be the number one target for the terrorist's, which is now the case since the cover was blown. It is now going to be his life for the near future that he will have to live aware of threats, as Islam is prevalent in his homeland and they will be out to get him, anytime he is out.

But what an example to the youth of our country. Here is a young man with every material blessing a person could desire. If he was missing one, all he would have to do is request it and it would show up. Yet he goes to war to fight for freedom. In spite of the reality that he did not have to go, and everyone would understand, and most would recommend he stay at home, yet he went and put his life on the line. It is called sacrifice for something greater, and all young people ought to be made to understand what it is that Prince Harry has done for them.

For them he has shown the way to live a decent life. That life is not about accumulating stuff and things, but rather finding something you would be willing to die for, and then living for that something. There is no greater present day example for the youth in our country than Prince Harry. It is a job well done by this young man and we all owe him a debt of thanks!

blog you later,
pastor tom