Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last night was another great victory for Barak Obama and his messianic type movement. He is now leading Hillary Clinton by fourteen points nationally. It is an amazing phenomenon that clearly displays the truth of style over substance. Barak Obama has one of the most endearing public personalities this side of Ronald Reagan, yet his experience to be President could not be more lacking. But he is putting an end to the coronation that was to be the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I have had the opportunity on my radio show to interview people who have some understanding of the Clintons, either on a professional level or on a more personal criminal level,as in Kathleen Willey. What comes across loud and clear from any who know the Clintons and now might be estranged a la Dick Morris, is that the Clintons will do anything to get and stay in Power.

There are close to accusations from Mrs Willey that the Clintons had something to do with her husbands death which was pronounced a suicide. There have been ongoing suspicions concerning the death of their lawyer Vince Foster. It is good practice to believe that where there is smoke there is fire, which brings me to a question that has uncomfortable implications. If all that is said about the Clintons is true, or close to true, how far would they go to get Obama out of their way? What lengths will they go in order to stop what has now come to be inevitable?

What is more telling in all of this is how shallow the waters of blind ambition can be. How empty is the life that does not rest in Christ. To be so captivated with the things of this world that will all go away much quicker than it took to obtain them, is a truly sad place to be. As Jesus said, what good is it to gain the world and yet lose your soul? So as we wait and watch to see the depths the Clintons will travel to get what they believe is rightfully theirs, keep in mind that it is all vanity. I pray that we all could be in the place where seeing people like this would truly make us sad for their souls and encourage us to pray all the more for them. That they too could know the peace that passed all understanding and the joy of the Lord that truly would be their strength!

blog you later,
pastor tom