Friday, February 08, 2008


Today I am writing from Washington D.C. where I gave been asked to be one of the radio talk shows to be on radio row, broadcasting live. This morning at 7:15 my wife and I had the privilege to hear the President give a great speech to a very friendly CPAC audience. But being here and listening to the debate about John McCain as the nominee has led me to think more about this. Knowing that Dr. Dobson has publicly stated he would not vote for McCain, I must respectfully disagree. The reality of an Obama or Clinton Presidency makes McCain look like a stalwart Conservative, something everyone knows he is not. Certainly he has a record that betrays the notion of a true Conservative, but here is the reality, he is much more of a Conservative than either of his potential opponents.

The problem with sitting out, or God forbid voting Democratic in the coming election is the fact that the next President will be nominating the Supreme Court Justice(s) who could swing the court on the very issue that Dr. Dobson has spent his life fighting for. John McCain is on record as a pro-life candidate and his record certainly verifies that, minus some issues on Stem Cell research. For sure he will nominate better justices than either Clinton or Obama. The other glaring factor is the war we are currently in. The Democrats left in the race for President are on record as determined to pull the troops out of Iraq within a short time period, which would be a disaster to our friends in Iraq who have fought for freedom. To leave them now would be to leave them to Iran and their maniacal leader. It is no coincidence that the terrorists are rooting for the Democrats to take office. Reporter Aaron Klein of World Net Daily heard this from them firsthand! For these two reasons I will disagree with Dr. Dobson and others who will sit this one out or vote for the other side. I do not believe there to be a more important election in our lifetime.

Finally a comment on Romney. Having heard McCain, President Bush and Mitt Romney give their speeches, I make this one important obvservation. Mitt Romney's absence in the war on marriage led to his defeat. When in his state homosexual activists and homosexually sympathetic rogue Judge decided to make homosexyual marriage legal, the good Governor did nothing. If he had at least made a speech denouncing these actions as illegal and against the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he would be the hands down nominee. But his cowardice in the face of a real fight with a real bully, cost him the nomination, as it should have.

So for those of you who believe in life, the safety of the homeland and smaller government, your best choice is John McCain. He may not be the first choice, he certainly is not mine, but he is the best of those remaining. To sit this one out, or vote Democratic to make a point, is to, in my opinion throw the baby out with the bath water. I say vote McCain and as importantly work to see a Convervative Congress take control. That is how I see it as I sit and write from Washington D.C.!

blog you later,
pastor tom