Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Becky Weatherall is a woman who had some incredibly troubling news about the baby she was carrying. This child was diagnosed to be very ill and the advice she received was to abort. Here are the notes from one of the doctors, a neurologist, who had seen Becky, remember these notes are about the baby in her womb, from the wires;

"Rhomboencephalosynapsis is an extraordinarily rare congenital abnormality and this, therefore, makes it very difficult to predict the long-term outcome for this baby. I have explained to them [the parents] that children with this condition are likely to be profoundly handicapped with severe physical and learning disabilities and will be totally dependent for the whole of their life," she continued. "They often need the level of care given to babies for the whole of their lives."

Becky talks about the scans that were given not too long before the birth;

"Just two weeks before he was born scans showed that his head was so swollen it was off the scale for normal babies."

All indicators were that this was a child that should be "terminated" as even if born "it" would not live very long. Mom and Dad would not be deterred and went through with the birth. The scans they had were on Christmas eve and being the Christmas season, the parents were planning for the worse. I give you the outcome of the birth from the words of the mom;

"We had prepared to spend Christmas without him – we thought we'd be planning a funeral. Instead, it was the best Christmas present ever and now we're having a christening."

Yes the child was born and was perfectly healthy, defying all medical reports and contrary to all the medical advice that was given. It is a birth that once again exposes the truth that God is truly the one who is the giver and taker of life. The womb is where He does His handiwork, and babies will be born according to His sovereign will and not always in line with the medical community. As His followers we must endeavor to live this even in the face of difficult decisions. The choice for a believer is always life, regardless of the predicted outcome, or actual reality. We know that life is a gift from God and precious in His sight. Praise God for parents who would not give in to the advice to murder the child due to the lack of viability he or she would have. Life in the womb is life from Him, and thus by definition always viable!

blog you later,
pastor tom