Monday, February 25, 2008


Tavin Rutledge is a young man who was celebrating his sixteenth birthday over the weekend. During his party with family and friends in attendance, Tavin went outside with some friends to have a snowball fight. A normal activity for boys. It seems that during the contest a snowball or two went awry and struck a neighbor which enraged a man who was also in the vicinity. Apparently there was a verbal altercation over the event and the man pulled out a gun and shot Tavin point blank in the head. Now I assume there could be other details that are not presently known, but what is known is that with family in the house Tavin was shot in the head. They ran outside after hearing the gun shot and found Tavin laying on the ground. Today he fights for his life.

There are no words for events such as these and they are a frustratingly normal part of city life. These are the actions that empower people to call for gun restrictions, although I contend those restrictions do nothing to stop people like this man from getting a gun. Putting that aside, can you imagine being a mom or a dad celebrating your child's sixteenth birthday, and while they are outside throwing snowballs they are shot in the head? I write this with no profound insight or clever antidotes. I write this asking that you pray for Tavin's life, and as important that you pray for those that love him who went from celebration to tragedy in a moments time!

blog you later,
pastor tom