Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Montgomery County Maryland has a school board that has desired for years to have curriculum that brings the most perverted things to bare on children, While there has been much opposition and lawsuits to prevent this, the tide seems to be turning in their favor, at least for the moment. From the wires;

"Maryland Circuit Court Judge William J. Rowan III that it is permissible for the district to teach students in Montgomery County how to use condoms during anal and oral sex, as well as that homosexuality is inborn"

One judge has decided contrary to previous judicial opinions to allow the district to teach these perverse notions, not the least of which is the fact that homosexuals are born that way. There is no evidence of that, in fact there is much evidence to the contrary, yet this one judge has made it his business to create this most dangerous of precedents. It will not be long before the homosexual activists will begin to leverage this ruling to their favor. While there is not a gay gene, they would love people to believe there is, in order to facilitate their desire to be classified as a race of people. What is at stake is enormous. Should this ruling stand, there will be repercussions felt throughout the land as more and more legislation will appear seeking funding and benefits for this new "race" of people.

It is amazing what judges are allowed to get away with in our times. One judge in Massachusetts decides that gay marriage should be legal, and thus it is so. One judge in Minnesota decides that homosexality is an inborn condition, and thus it is so. It is high time that the people of this great nation begin to push back against this deification of judges. They are people who need to be held accountable for their legislating from the bench, which should be enough to disqualify them from their positions. While it varies from state to state as to what recourse can be taken with judges, what never varies is the power of prayer, and that is where people ought to begin. On their knees asking the God of the universe to intervene, as He is the true and righteous Judge! Praise God that He does legislate from his bench!

blog you later,
pastor tom