Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I should be blogging today about the Super duper duper duper Tuesday elections and all of the ramifications therein, but I am returning once again to speak of Al Qaeda. Just a few days ago I wrote about the heinous homocide bombing where they used two women with Downe Syndrome, and today there is more depravity on display. It seems as if the multi-national forces in a raid on the terrorists, came across a training and propaganda video. Amazingly this tape showed boys from six to fourteen being trained in terror tactics. Weapons traininng, terror tactics, kidnappings and more were being taught to these boys. Young boys being indoctrinated into the sickness that is islam. And to be sure apart from Christ they will grow up and become the latest wave of victims who are brainwashed into doing what their cowardice leaders would not do, blow themselves up.

Of course this is all in the name of Mohammed. It is all in tribute and homage to his sick perverted ways. How in the world this type of behavior does not create an outcry from the international community is beyond explanation. Downe Syndrome women, young boys, these are the ones being preyed upon by the cowards who follow the greatest coward Mohammed. What else do you call someone who preys on the weak and disabled? Insecure cowardice brutes who do not have the courage to be real men. Unfortunately you will not hear that from any of those running for the highest office in the land, but at least the Republicans will name "radical islam" as an enemy, which is a redundant term.

Again I realize these are strong terms but there is a time when you have to stand up and call things as they are. But as believers in Christ we do not leave it there, as that would be giving the Law without the Gospel. Yes Mohammed and his followers are all of the things mentioned and more, and it is truly despicable how predatory they truly are, but in this truth is a wonderful picture of the power of Christ. The Apostle Paul was a similar type. He made a living hunting down followers of Jesus in order to have them arrested and killed. He stands on and holds the coats of those who murder Stephen, literally tearing him limb from limb. Mohammed, Bin Laden and all of islam had nothing on Paul, Yet Paul becomes the greatest man of God this side of Jesus Christ.

God powerfully, miraculously moved on Paul and brought him to faith in Christ. And this terrible terrorist became a mighty man of God. This greatly feared rogue became a passionate follower of Jesus and was used by God to bring a multitude to faith, not the least of which were those from the gentile community. So as we see and comment on the ugliness that is islam, let us not lose hope. I believe it is imperative for believers to stand and call things as they are, not hiding behind a facade of compassion which is little more than a rationalization for their cowardice. I also believe while calling them as they are, we must carry the message all the way through. And the message is never complete until the hope that is the gospel is presented. Mohammed's eternal destination is set and there is nothing anyone could do for him to rescue him from the terror of Hell, which is where he resides unless he had trusted n Christ before the final breath. But there is much that can be done with all of those who follow his twisted message, as their sins are not beyond the love of Christ.

So as you see and hear of the atrocities that are done in the name of Mohammed, go to prayer for all that are caught up in the trap. The six to fourteen year old boys who know no better and are following the steps of their fathers and forefathers. These are the ones to pray for, along with the leaders of islam. It only takes one Paul to turn a region upside down for the cause of Jesus Christ. As the tactics grow more perverse so should the people of God grow more diligent. It will take a true move of the Lord to free those in slavery to islam, but it always has been that way. These are not new nor surprising times to the Lord, just another day closer to that final day when He comes back to this earth! Be sure, that He is ordering the days and nights and all of the events for His glory and the good of His people. Even the things that seem beyond our comprehension, like the ways and moves of islam!

blog you later,
pastor tom