Friday, February 22, 2008


There is an interesting reality in Africa. It seems as if the countries there feel like the best and brightest from the medical field are being "poached" from them. Australia, Great Britian, Canada and the United States have more than 13,000 Doctors trained in Africa. Many of the poorest countries feel the impact the most, as those whom they have invested in are going to distant lands instead of giving a fair return to the nation which put so much into them. It is a great picture of our human nature that is so quick to forget those who do so much for us. We quickly forget those who pay the way, or part of the way, those whom without which we would not be where we are today. It can be easy for us to become the harsh judge of others instead of remembering our humble beginnings.

But this situation is another place for the Church to shine, as it is those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ who will go and serve in these countries. It is often believers who will give back to the poorest among us, using the gifts God has given in order to alleviate the pain and suffering of the world. While medical students leave to become Doctors in foreign lands the body of Christ travels the other road. While the med students seek their fortune in the land of plenty, the children of God know their fortune is in a life to come, and it is one in which moth and rust cannot attack.

For sure the statistics do not lie, and many in Africa believe their best are being poached from the countries with more to offer. But what is also sure is that lovers of Christ will stand and fill in that gap, as their Savior has done for them. The question today is what part of that gap might your Lord have you stand in?

blog you later,
pastor tom