Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Two weeks ago Berkeley California's City Council in all of their "wisdom" decided to send a letter to a Marine recruiting office telling them they were unwelcome intruders and that they should leave the area. The outcry was such that last night the Council met again and decided that while they oppose the war they do support the troops, which of course any sane thinking person knows is untrue. That aside, it would be interesting to consider the possibilities for those in Berkeley and Code Pink and other such groups that are anti-military, of life without the Marines.

I would suggest that the best thing for them to do is to move to the mountains of Afghanistan. A place where the Taliban still rules and reigns. A place where the Marines do not have a presence. This would give them a fair taste of life without the Marines. It is called Sharia Law. The first thing that would happen would be the Code Pink crowd would quickly be stoned to death for their blatantly immoral dress and behavior, the Taliban is not going to put up with that. The other probability is that all of the homosexuals from Berkeley and Code Pink, they are also going to be beaten to death with stones. For those who are allowed to live, they will either convert to Islam and all of its customs from dress to food to praying many times a day , or they too will be killed! I would wager it would not take Berkeley and Code Pink and all of their peers very long to appreciate the value of the Marines. In fact I bet some of them would even take to the "abhorrent" act of praying that a Marine would show up to rescue them.

Yes Berkeley, you took a step back from the incredibly ignorant thing you were about to do. The next time you think of asking the Marines to leave, take a look at life as it is in places they have not yet been to! Semper Fi!

blog you later,
pastor tom