Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ian Usher 44, a British immigrant to Australia is putting his life up for bid on EBay. By that he means everything he owns and does, from his house to his job and his friends, it is all up for bid in one package. It seems that the break up of his marriage has caused him to want to sell everything, get on a plane and start over somewhere. It is a fascinating strategy that will see defeat in a painfully large way. By that I mean, you cannot auction away your feelings nor the reality that is your life. It is a great display of how worldly and materialistic peoples lives become, so much so, that they believe their lives are able to be auctioned off!

What is it that makes up life? Is it only relationships and possessions? Or does it go deeper and involve real feelings about those relationships and possessions? Can a man auction off his feelings? Can he put up for bid the emotions of his heart? Thankfully no, as those are the things that are the image of God in us and separate us from the animal kingdom. The ups and downs, the ebb and flow, the joy and despairs of the heart are the things of life. They cannot be sold, and are to be embraced with passion, as gifts from God that define us as His creation.

Mr. Usher might be able to auction off the things of his life, but he will never be able to sell the real things that are his life! For that we all should give thanks to the God who gives us life and breath and everything else, every day!

blog you later,
pastor tom