Thursday, March 06, 2008


15-year-old Hughstan Schlicker killed his father who was standing in the kitchen at the time. Hughstan came up behind him and killed him. He had originally planned to kill himself in front of his father, but at the last minute changed those plans and made his father the victim. Upon killing his father he called a friend, told her what he had done and that he was now going to kill himself. She talked him out of it and begged him to call the police and turn himself in, which he did. So what is it that this father did that drove his son to such lengths? What abuse could he have inflicted on this child that would give him the rage to murder? What his dad did to him was not allow him to use the Internet any longer!

His dads decision to not allow Internet use drove Hughstan to murder, from the wires;

"Hughstan told detectives that he used the Internet to communicate with his friends and since his father took the Internet away, he was "just so depressed all the time," the report said. Specifically, Hughstan said he hated his father because he was restricting his use of the MySpace Web site, MyFOXPhoenix reports."

While we do not know all of the details we know enough to understand the power of the Internet. This is another in too many examples of how children are gripped by the Internet. It is how they communicate, where they go for information and all too often where their minds are corrupted and polluted to the point of believing that the right thing to do when disciplined is to kill the one handing out such discipline. Parents, take note of this and understand that fifteen is too late to fight this battle with your children. You must start long before so they will know that your discipline is love towards them and not hate. You must begin at a very early age to teach them that there are real consequences when they disobey your instructions. You must also start early on with knowing their habits. Where they go who they hang out with, and who is having the most influence in their lives.

Again a great place to learn of your child as he or she gets older is the Internet. The very things that suck them in and keep them online for too long, are the same things that can allow you to find out exactly where they are, before it is too late. I have mentioned this product before, but CyberSafe Home Computer Monitoring Software is a great way to accomplish some of these goals. With it installed on your child's computer or the family one, you are able to log on from anywhere in the world and see their activity. Who is trying to get them to meet? What kinds of conversations are they having, and what are they looking at? All of this and more with this great product, not the least of which is the ability to be notified by email when words that you most want to know are being used by your child. Whether they are writing them receiving them or looking at screens that have those words in there, you will be notified and can check it out right away.

I passionately ask you to consider CyberSafe Home for your families well being. It will not solve every problem your family has, but it will enable you to protect your son or daughter from predators, pornographers, and God forbid even from themselves. Simply go to, you might one day thank God that you did!

blog you later,
pastor tom