Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Sheila R. Brooks is a twenty five year old mom of four girls, ages seven, five, three and one. This past week she had placed the two youngest girls in the tub for a bath, a normal happening in the Brooks home. At some point in the bath time, Sheila went to the other room to grab some clothes for the girls. It is here that things go awry. It seems that mom upon entering the room to get the garments, noticed American Idol was on television. Believe it or not, she actually sat down with her two oldest and watched some of the show.

At some point she realized that she had left her two youngest in the tub. Rather than leave the show and get her children out of the tub, she sent her seven year old to do the task that was hers. When the oldest child went in the bathroom, to her horror she found that the three year old was submerged under water. This was enough to get mom moving as she flew into the bathroom, grabbed her drowning daughter and began to administer CPR as they waited for the ambulance. As of this past Monday the child is in critical condition,and in need of your prayers.

While many parents have stories of absent mindedness, this one exposes more than just that. It is symbolic of a nation of people who are entertaining themselves literally to death! When did it happen that parents cared more for a meaningless television show than their own children? At what point did we hit that milestone? There is no excuse for a parent neglecting their children in this fashion, and this was neglect,in my opinion. I do not want to condemn this woman, but neither do I want to dismiss what happened. Her little daughters were one hundred percent dependent upon her to live! And she cared more about American Idol in those moments than she did for her own children.

It only takes one moment of selfishness and irresponsibility for tragedy to fall on your family. Moms, Dads, do not take your eye of the ball, stay engaged in the game. I am sure that this mom would give anything to rewind time. If she could we both know that she would plant herself in that bathroom and stay right by that tub, until those kids were clean, out and dressed in their pajamas. If she could she would go back to when things were as they presently are with your children. Take heed of this today, and re-dedicate yourself to the greatest privilege in the world, being a parent!

blog you later,
pastor tom