Monday, March 31, 2008


Geert Wilders a Dutch film maker has produce a short film "Fitna", in which he lays out in graphic style the danger of Islam. His desire is obviously to awaken people from their slumber when it comes to what exactly Islamists are out to accomplish. Which is to conquer the world, without exception. It has appeared on Dutch and London based websites, and now, of course people are pulling it off of the web, due to fear of what will happen. As always Islamists are seeking to rule by fear and terror. It should be telling when a groups response is not to engage in the arena of ideas, but rather to use the sword, which is the dictate of their holy book and "prophet"

For those who follow Christ we know the answer is Christ. Islam cannot stand in the face of the risen Savior. They have no match for that, and are stunned when they realize this Savior can be their own, should they repent of their sins and believe on Him.

In the earthly geo-political realm, it would be a great idea for people of all nations, particularly in the west, to understand that this is an enemy that is not going away on their own. Which leaves one of two choices, submit to Islam or stand against them. The choice for most of you,for now, is yours. Even that could change in a moment. Here is the link that should allow you to view this short film. Make sure if you have younger children to be sure to not allow them to watch, as some of the images are graphic. Graphic but true!

blog you later,
pastor tom