Monday, March 10, 2008


Global warming is a hot (pun intended) topic in our culture. It is being bandied about in the political race for President. It appears that the politically correct stance is to be on board with fighting this "dangerous" phenomenon. The problem of course is that the science really does not line up with the rhetoric. There are as many if not more bright,credible, serious scientists who challenge the fundamental science behind the theory. Many of them will speak of cyclical events in the history of the earth and are very adept at exposing the global warming hysteria for just that, hysteria.

Well today we read of the Southern Baptist leaders who have come out and signed a document that calls for fighting climate change. I quote from the document;

"We believe our current denominational resolutions and engagement with these issues have often been too timid," according to the statement. "Our cautious response to these issues in the face of mounting evidence may be seen by the world as uncaring, reckless and ill-informed. We can do better."

My problem with this is not the idea of taking care of the creation that God has given us dominion over. I believe as strongly as anyone that it is our responsibility to care for what has been entrusted with. The problem with this declaration and others is the whole idea of the culture leading the Church. Documents like these appear reactionary in nature and void of significant thought and debate. I am sure there are as many or more within the Southern Baptist who would argue strongly against such a document.

How far should we go in fighting this so called climate change? Should we agree to only a certain number of children per family to save on energy? Should we abort those children that are to be born in families who have reached their limit as China has done? You see, once you start down this road you are open to many abominations. Once you go along with something in order to appear right to the culture you become the cultures prisoner. These Southern Baptist leaders have made, in my opinion a grave error they will one day regret. Let us hope that many of their followers will show better sense then some of their leaders!

blog you later,
pastor tom