Friday, March 28, 2008


Every now and then there is a story that makes you smile, and today is one of those days. Yesterday in Santa Rosa California an 84 year old man was walking home with two grocery bags in his hand, when a teenager approached him. The teen had a knife and told the elderly man to give him his wallet or he would get hurt. The 84 year old man told the boy he was a former Marine and had teen threatened in war many times and to leave him alone. The teen continued with the threat, and the old man told him not to take another step towards him. Which of course the teen did, and thus the 84 year old Marine with one kick to the groin dropped the kid to the ground. At which point the old timer picked up his two grocery bags and went home. Once home he called the incident in to the police. Just a short true story to put a smile on your face!!

blog you later,
pastor tom