Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is celebrated in many places around the world as Good Friday. It is an interesting and maybe even at first look, confusing title for a day where Jesus was brutally murdered. We can only try to imagine the horror of the day. Jesus was beaten without mercy, lashed numerous times, spat upon, crown of thorns pressed into his skull, paraded through the streets of Jerusalem just about dead with a heavy cross beam on his back, which would have been rough wood against torn open flesh. He could only go so far like that and another was called upon to carry that wood, as it became physically impossible. And after all of that, at the end of all this was crucifixion, where his hand would be held against the wood of the cross and nails would be driven through his wrist, his legs would be held against other wood of the same cross and nails would be driven through the feet. When that was done the cross would be raised with him on it and driven into the ground, and we can again only imagine what pain went searing through His body. Once the cross was up, Jesus would need to raise himself up to get breath, and eventually would suffocate to death. But before that He would feel separation from the Father for the only time in all of Gods history, and thus we see Him cry out, "My God My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?"

With all of that we call it Good Friday. Why? Because on that day when Jesus was being brutally beaten and murdered something was happening and something else was going to happen. What was happening was the display of Satan;s defeat in the fulfillment of what God promised in Genesis. The Lord told Satan that the seed of the woman, Jesus, would come and though Satan would bruise His heel, crucifixion, He , Jesus would crush his head, and that was what was happening. The payment for sin for all who are His, all who had and would believe in Him. The satisfying of the wrath of God on the cross in the place of all of us who have confessed we are sinners and begged Jesus to be our Savior, that is what was happening and that is enough for it to be called Good Friday.

But something else was going to happen in a few days and that was the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Friday is Good only in light of and through the lens of the Sunday Resurrection. The Resurrection defines Friday as Good as it is the day that not only was payment for sin displayed, but Jesus was seen by many and pronounced by all in attendance to be dead. It was His dead body that came off of that cross, which is critically important when you consider that Sunday morning and for forty days after, Jesus Christ, risen, was walking this very same earth that they laid His body in. Friday is good because Gods wrath was satisfied for all who would believe in Him, and also because it left no doubt that Jesus was dead, which left no doubt that there was a Resurrection miracle on the third day, just as Jesus said there would be, thus proving beyond all doubt He is the Way the Truth and the Life and no one comes to God but through Him.

Today is Good Friday only for those who truly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the owner of their lives, their Lord and the forgiver of their sins, their Savior. So is today Good Friday for you, or just another day?

blog you later,
pastor tom