Thursday, March 13, 2008


What do you say about a man who had it all and abused his power in ways that are hard to comprehend? What is left to say about a man who had a fine family but it was not enough and being the most powerful man in the land went with a woman who was not his wife? While most of you believe I am speaking of Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the truth is I could very well be speaking of King David, a man the Word of God calls a man after Gods own heart. Yet he fell into not only adultery, but murder and a host of other sins related to his actions.

Here is the point, if a man like David can fall, any of us are capable of that same fall and worse. There is no place for a man or woman who calls Christ their Savior to stand back and thrown personal insults at someone who has fallen. The right thing for us to do is pray for that person and their family. Without a doubt the Governor of New York is in need of prayer. We know that in spite of his transparent attempt to call on Bible verses and Jesus in a press conference, that he needs Jesus as his personal Savior. We also know that he has a wife and three teen age girls for whom life right now can not make much sense, or even feel like going on with.

It is times like this that those who know the Lord should pray. Pray for the glory of God to be shown through all of this as another example of having the whole world not being enough without Christ is shown. And take heed to your own life, as but for the grace of God, it would be you, or me, having to clean up the mess that would be ones we truly love being destroyed by our actions. Stay close to the Lord today and pray for the Spitzers, they truly are in need of our Saviors grace!

blog you later,
pastor tom