Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Stephanie Kuleba is an 18 year old cheerleader, in fact the Captain of her cheerleading squad. A popular girl, loved by many and today she is dead! It seems that while she was undergoing surgery there were complications that led to this tragedy. She was having cosmetic surgery to correct an inverted nipple and asymmetrical breasts — a procedure that involves implants. And therein lies the problem and all of the obvious questions, as there is a growing trend of young girls opting for this type of surgery, evidencing that they do not understand true beauty.

Why in the world would an eighteen year old have elective breast surgery? How far gone is this culture of ours when young girls with their lives ahead of them are making these critical life changing decisions? There is a screaming need for adults to come along side these young people to teach them what it means to be beautiful. God tells us in His Word that a woman's beauty is the life she leads because she loves Jesus Christ. The life that is an overflow of the love she has for Jesus is a beautiful life in Gods eyes, and that needs to be enough.

God looks on the inside while man looks on the outside. Women of all ages need to remember or learn this great principle, to stem the tidal wave of shallowness that is leaving our young girls anorexic, bulimic, or dead! Moms need to model this to their daughters and Dads need to implant it deep into their daughters heart that she is, always has been and always will be beautiful, because of who she is, not because of how she looks. There might not be a more important task for parents today, given the cess pool of culture our kids swim in each day. What is also important today is to pray for this girl's family, that God would be gracious and merciful to them as they grieve the loss of their precious love one.

blog you later,
pastor tom