Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Barak Obama's former Pastor Jeremiah Wright is out and about making speeches and making it impossible for Obama to be elected. In spite of the fact that they are now going at each other in apparent adversarial roles, the damage for Obama's political aspirations has been done, in my opinion. The bigger issue concerning Wright, in my mind, is his use of the "black church" term. He is saying anywhere and everywhere that those who criticize him are not criticizing him but rather the black church.

Now I have said over and over that if I were a part of that community I would be outraged to be lumped together with Wright. But is there such a thing as the black church? Certainly we understand the term culturally, but what about from Gods perspective? Does God have a black church? Does He have a white church? Does He have a yellow church?

What God has and sent His Son Jesus Christ to this earth to die to create is His Church. Gods church is not determined or defined by race. Race is simply a display of the variety and creativity of God in creation. His church is from every race nation tribe and tongue, and would never be defined by any one race. All who have received Jesus Christ as the owner of their lives, their Lord and the forgiver of their sins, their Savior are a part of His church. So, to describe His church in any way other than that is to demean the glory and beauty of His church.

In Gods eyes there is no such thing as a black church. There is the church, those who He has ransomed from all races. It is the beautiful mosaic that could not be created by anyone other than God Himself. And one day His church will live together in a new Heaven and a new Earth, with no sinful racial divided separating His people. The question for you today is , are you a part of His church? Have you trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for the payment of your sins? If not, as you read this today understand you might be a member of a local church somewhere, but you are not a member or any part of His church. For that to change, and for you to escape the very real Hell that is reserved for all who are not of His church, you must submit yourself to Christ. Do that today, and enjoy being a part of His church!

blog you later,
pastor tom